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Online Caregiver Stress Management Program


Have you or a loved one been touched by Cancer? Now, there is an evidence-based online, video program to help caregivers of patients with cancer manage stress. In just 10 minutes per session, you can learn research-based, effective skills to help you manage stress!

  • 10 Full-Length Sessions, Only 10 Minutes Each

  • 12 Brief, Video Guided Stress Management Exercises, Less than 3 Minutes Each

  • Can watch at any time, from anywhere

  • Watch as many times as you would like 

  • Great for Spousal, Adult Children, Family Members, and Friends Caregivers for Patients with Cancer

  • Evidence-Based, See below for the 3 Peer-Reviewed Published Papers supporting the development and dissemination of this intervention.

Pep-Pal is an intervention for Spousal caregivers, adult children caregivers of parent(s) with cancer, Parental caregivers, and other family and friend caregivers of patients with cancer. Pep-Pal is an evidence-based intervention. See below for the 3 Peer-Reviewed, published Journal articles.

Pep-Pal was developed by nationally and internationally recognized researchers on caregiver stress management and mobilized intervention development at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. Research participants who used Pep-Pal reported decreases in perceived stress, increases in learning stress management skills, and women reported improved intimacy.

Peer-Reviewed Published Papers


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