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Dr. Nicole Amoyal Pensak, Ph.D.

Dr. Nicole Amoyal Pensak is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist that specializes in treating adults and adolescents with anxiety, depression, and coping with chronic illness. Dr. Pensak typically conducts an initial intake with each client, which takes approximately 60 minutes. Occasionally, the intake may last more than one session. The intake process consists of questions about your personal, mental, physical, social, and developmental history. The intake is also an opportunity for you to get to know Dr. Pensak and her style of therapy. At the end of the intake, treatment goals will be discussed and Dr. Pensak will decide if her practice is appropriate to help you meet your goals. If not, Dr. Pensak will provide appropriate referrals. After the intake process is complete, you may schedule therapy sessions with Dr Pensak.

In terms of therapy, Dr. Pensak is a therapist that conducts a standard, 50-minute therapy hour. During the therapy sessions, Dr. Pensak will work collaboratively with you to help you relieve symptoms and to reach your therapy goals. It is difficult to estimate how long the therapy process will take, as each patient is different. However, it is Dr. Pensak's strong conviction that lasting, deep change, takes time and hard work. Therapy is not meant to be easy, per se. Sometimes therapy may actually feel worse before it feels better. However, Dr. Pensak will provide evidence-based strategies that are uniquely tailored to you. Dr. Pensak often draws from the latest research to influence her therapeutic process, so you can be confident that you are getting the latest, most effective treatment available. 


Dr. Pensak predominantly practices from a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and an Interpersonal orientation, while also infusing Psychodynamic processes, when relevant. You will not be laying on a couch simply answering "how do you feel?" Dr. Pensak provides practical, in-depth, transparent therapy while honoring the complexities of the human experience. Her goal is simply to help you live to your fullest potential. Feel free to contact her directly for a free telephone consultation and to find out more information. 


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